Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dupli-CAUGHT: Vivienne Westwood vs. Urban Outfitters

Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring vs.
Urban Outfitters Armor Plate Knuckle Ring

Being obsessed with knuckle rings naturally I fell in love with this armour ring from Vivienne Westwood (left). I've been eying this piece for seasons, so when I saw the ring (right) for $24 by the checkout line at Urban Outfitters, I immediately thought to myself, "Dupli-CAUGHT!"

I love Vivienne Westwood ring for being a bold statement piece, and what I love most about it is how the shiny silver really resembles a knight's armor.


issa said...

also F21 has a copy of that URBN one! I picked it up for like $8!

Nava said...

I have the Westwood ring. There are exact duplicates of it on Ebay for around $10. :)

steevay said...

i've been eyeing the westwood ring since june of 2008! they sold it online but online it is no more :/

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