Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trend Report: Knuckleduster Rings

I've been on the look out for the perfect knuckle ring for years, and over the past few months I've noticed a huge wave of knuckleduster rings coming through. Knuckle rings are hot. They're tough, edgy and when done right, chic. When done wrong, they can be oh so tacky.

My recommendation when wearing knuckle rings is to keep it simple. If you plan to wear a knuckle ring, don't load up your arms with chunky bangles or bracelets. And unless you're intentionally dressing like a ghetto girl or over-accessorized pop starlet, no hoop earrings.

Melody Ehsani, $50 & Made Her Think, $110
The first ring is a little kitchy, but since it's in mirror rather than colored plastic, it works. The second ring from Made Her Think is one of my favorites because the shape is less expected. I wanted to buy one last week from Save Fashion, but they were out of my size! Sad day.

Lauren Ramirez, $190 & Bijules, $229-$250
I like these rings because they're simple, sleek and from young designers with noteworthy collections. You can check out more from San Francisco's Lauren Ramirez on and New York's Bijules at

Vane, $120
Being a unisex ring, this piece from Vane is the most masculine and the toughest of the bunch. I love it for its New York pride and classic knuckle ring style.


Brit said...

Get one of these! Justice Not Revenge makes the best knuckle rings. They are super comfy.

Paula (from Brazil) said...

Those remind me of those plastic rings to grip paperbacks with one hand I bought at the Seattle Public Library...way more stylish though, so these have more to aggregate.

RockRushIndia said...

These rings are cute. I love to make this type of different jewellery.

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