Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sample Sale Summary: Eberjey & Botkier

I haven't been able to get to as many sample sales this week as I would have hoped. Being under the weather from travelling and catching up on life haven't afforded much time to have a look. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share today but just thought I'd share a bit about a couple sales! Let us know what sales you hit up and your scores!

Today during lunch though I took a quick peek at the Eberjey sale in midtown today. Pricing and merchandise was similar to last round with bottoms at $15, mesh bralets at $15, cami's at $20 and chemises at $25. There was also swimwear that was selling as mix and match pieces. The space was bright, not too busy so I had plenty of room to look for affordable pieces that are pretty, feminine and won't break the bank. Sizes ranged but stayed mostly in the realm of S-L. Plenty of samples were also available but were selling for the same price as stock merchandise that was nicely packaged up in bins. The sample merch was all fit size, and appeared to be an S. Plenty of colors of bralets from peach to hot pink to black were available but mostly in the realm of size M-L. Your best bet for finding matching sets are to look in the stock bins where tops/bottoms/camis from the same material were grouped together. Plenty of signature mesh bottoms that are lineless were $15 a pop. My friend found a couple of really cute sets, but I was focused on picking up a gift and was able to achieve my goal with ease!

Who: Eberjey
What: 50-70% off on camisoles, pajamas, undergarments and swimwear
When: Decemeber 2-3, 2010. Thurs 8:30am—7pm, Fri 9am—5pm.
Where: 231 West 39th St (b/n 7th and 8th Ave) suite 1102


So for the last few years the Botkier Sample Sale has always been a MUST for me. Last round I scored some sweet pieces so I definitely still plan to drop by tomorrow but I missed the coveted Friends & Family sale tonight due to personal circumstances. My friend dropped by and she let me know that despite the line ups she was able to score a medium size bag for just $100. There was a bum rush for the coveted sample bags so the table was emptied out by the time she got in but she assures us that there is plenty of merch left to satisfy the most bag hungry lady. Make sure that you check in to the Botkier Sample Sale on FourSquare to get an additional 10% off your purchases!

Who: Botkier Sample Sale
What: 50-70% off shoes and handbags
When: December 3-5, 2010. Fri (11am-8pm), Sat (12pm-7pm), Sun (12pm-6pm)
Where: 421 West Broadway (b/n Prince & Spring St)

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