Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Y-3

I got off a bit early from work today since it was my holiday party - and I ran from mid-Central Park down to SoHo to get to the Y-3 sale. It was so bloody cold outside and I was going up and down Broadway trying to find #610. If you decide to hit up this sale, the entrance is actually on Houston (East of Broadway)!
There wasn't a line to get into the sale when I arrived and the space was clean and spacious. There were a few other people shopping around so I had lots of room to move around and take my time. As I was checking out, more shoppers arrived (but there was still plenty of space).
If you're looking for shoes, the sizes are fairly random. I overheard a salesperson mentioning that everyone went for the shoes in the morning which is exactly what I would have done if I got there in the AM. High tops were going for $75 and low tops were just $65 a pair. I love Y3 kicks so I was a bit bummed that I didn't make it out with a pair in hand.
In terms of pricing, Ts were $30, bottoms were $40, sweaters/blazers were $80, jackets were $150, wool coats were $250 and leathers were $350. There was a great wool duffle coat with toggle closure and a trench for men but both were only available in XL. In terms of sizing, many of the items were larger with the majority of what I saw coming in at XL. There were also some smaller sizes like XS but very little in between. Ts had the best range of sizing.
Accessories were a bargain - all belts were $10 (mostly only larger sizes available), bags ranged from $30-$60, caps were $20, ties were $30 and scarves were $40. I ended up grabbing a pair of mittens for myself just because it was so friggen cold outside!

Who: Y-3, SLVR, and Porsche Design Sample and Stock Sale
What: Up to 80% off!
When: December 14-16, 2010. Tues-Thurs 9am-7pm
Where: 610 Broadway (at Houston St) 3rd Floor

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gw said...

Aw man. I missed this sale! Jane just told me now. I got my silver kicks there 2 years ago for $20.

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