Friday, December 17, 2010

RYZ: Product Review

A while back, I posted about a RYZ footwear. Thanks to the great people at RYZ, I had a chance to check out a pair firsthand. I ended up going for a hightop option in grey suede/leather. While I wanted to customize the shoes, I wasn't entirely sure of the sizing (since 1/2 sizes are not available) so I ended up going for a standard item just in case I had to exchange them later.

In terms of customizing the shoes, RYZ has you covered. You can customize the outside sole, sidewall, inner lining and the bottom sole. Perhaps the coolest part of the customization is the bottom sole - you can upload an image, graphic or text and have it relayed on the bottom of your shoe!
I tested them out for the entire weekend while bar hopping in my hood (Williamsburg) and shopping around the city. I decided to walk from Union Square to 9th Avenue and back to Union Square just to test out the comfort of the shoes and like most sneakers - they're uber comfortable. There's ample padding on the ankles without being bulky which is a plus.

Everyone whose seen the shoes has complimented on them them and likes them too which is nice. One of my favorite details is on the inside of the shoe. There's a geometric pattern on the inside lining which is a subtle but nice touch. The mix of suede and leather adds a variety of texture that's sleek and polished. I'm definitely a fan.

While these are great sneakers for going out I personally wouldn't be able to get away with these at the office. While you can modify the sneakers so that they are entirely one color, if you work in a conventional office, you likely won't be able to sport these to work. If you have casual Fridays or if you work in a more relaxed environment, these might be more viable options if you're looking to wear your sneakers to work.


Kevin said...

how did the shoes fit? did they fit similar to vans?

Jeffo said...

Hey Kevin

Sorry I don't remember my size in vans - i havn't worn them in like 15 years! but the shoes are true to size though so hope that helps.

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