Thursday, November 4, 2010

RYZ: Sneakers at Work and Play

RYZ is a shoe brand that's relatively new to the marketplace. Rob Langstaff (former President of Adidas USA & Japan) founded the company which aims to provide versatile footwear which can carry you proudly on the street or in the boardroom.
Let's face it. We all love sneakers for their comfort but can't get away with them at work, in more formal settings or in some clubs. RYZ's vision began with the idea of traveling with a single pair of shoes - something comfortable enough withstand the grind of traveling, yet dapper enough to carry you into a business meeting. Enter - the G3 series shoes.

RYZ's G3 series shoes come with rubber soles and are made out of leather. The cool part of the shoes are they you can customize them! The sole, material, siding, and inner lining can all be customized with pre-existing colors and patterns. If you're feeling creative, you can even upload your own image to be used on the sole of the shoe - how cool is that!

Thanks to the great people at RYZ's we'll be testing out a pair so stay tuned for a full product review later.

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