Friday, November 12, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Tess Giberson

In case you don’t know who Tess Giberson is, I highly recommend that you check her collection out. The RISD design grad launched her signature line in 2001 but took a break in 2005 to become TSE’s head designer before re-launching her label last Spring. She actually won the Ecco Domani 2002 and was a critics darling.

I checked out the Tess Giberson Sample sale on my way home tonight. The first thing you will notice is that the surroundings are really nice considering it is a sample sale. You might almost forget in the spacious brightly lit room that seems to be super clean and well organized.

Staffers are patient, knowledgeable and working hard to lend a hand to shoppers or otherwise keep clothes looking their best. In the same token, you have breathing room and don’t feel like you are being watched/hovered over either. There is a large mirror to review purchases and a fitting area in the back.

As this is a true sample sale, everything is a sample size (4-6, with some bottoms in size 2). Almost everything is current Fall’10 season with the exception of 2 racks on the very end that are archival and date back the designer’s early days in the beginning of the 2000s. I am walking around and feeling the fabric and everything feels buttery soft and amazing against the skin.

Some of my favorite pieces from the sale were the sheer/sweater combinations. These are both priced at 50% off at $125 each.

Other pieces to note are the sheer knits that range in price from $50 for a wispy grey loose knit sweater to $70 and up to $125. The pointelle knit leggings are and incredibly soft silk/wool blend and priced at $80 a pair.

I also was was drawn to the statement making laser cut blazers that are marked down to $450. The asymmetrical zip charcoal jacket is now $295, down from $650.There is a small section for sweaters and scarves and the prices ranged from $50-125 for scarves and hats.

If you are looking for some bargains, you will find them in the archive racks. I spotted a lace/canvas peacoat for just $35. Also noticed some checked paints and skirts for $35. Side zip pants with contrast panels for $95. A super couple super cute satin flouncy skirts for $50.

If you are a size 2-6 and in the market for some very modern and intellectual pieces, I suggest you hurry over tomorrow. The staffers told me that as it was the 3rd day of the sale a lot of the merch has already been sold but the sale is running through Sunday.

Who: Tess Giberson
What: Up to 70%off the designer’s cashmere coats, leggings, dresses, and accessories.
When: November 10-14, 2010. Wed-Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat & Sun 1pm-5pm
Where: 97 Crosby St (b/n Prince & Spring St)

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