Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Rachel Leigh

Stopped by the Rachel Leigh Sample Sale over lunch today and found it to be fairly busy with about 10 other shoppers perusing the bargains in a small, but organized room that was a combination of table displays and bins.The Central table display had everything on it for a mere $25! A true bargain when you consider how much many of these pieces actually retail for. Colorful rings, braided leather bracelets, pendant necklaces, interesting chain links and great rhinestone bib necklaces. I spotted the regal ball necklace that I bought a couple seasons back on this table at a significant savings of what I even bought it for! So if you had your eye on it, now is the time to jump on it.

One of the best deals and most plentiful item at this sample sale were these lovely chain, ribbon & rhinestone bangles at just $10 a pop. I spotted a couple women stocking up on the wide variety of colors as they would make great gift items. There were about 2 bins of variations on this style.

From the $40 table there were 2 bins of longer rhinestone necklaces that had a bit of a deco feel. I particularly like the braided chain and pearl option.

The sale topped out at $50 and this table included the more trendier newer pieces. I was loving those Neon Stone Necklaces that would be a super affordable alternative to those Tom Binns versions from a few years ago.

Some of the plentiful bangle/cuff options that range in colors and materials for $5-30.

If you are in need of some sparkle in your life or are looking for some holiday gifts, this sale definitely is worth checking out, especially if you are a bangle/cuff kinda gal.

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