Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sample Sale Report Dec 2009: Rachel Leigh

Stopped by the Rachel Leigh Sale today and found it to be well organized and easy to look at for most part. Staff was on hand to answer any questions and help as necessary. There were a couple of mirrors available to view your purchases as well. Everything is $60 and under. Multi-strand necklaces for $50, Oval Jewel & bead necklace $30, Jeweled Square Rings for $40, Square earrings $45, Bow rings $15, Hoop & Bead Earrings $20. Rose enamel necklaces are $25.

There were buckle cuffs & Plastic bobble rings $10 in bins below the tables

One of my fave pieces at the sample sale was this statement pave ring that was $60.

Cluster & wire rings for $60, Semi-Precious Cluster Bangles are $60

Snake skin & fabric covered rings were $30.

Assorted necklaces and earrings at the sale that only had a couple in each style were stored in these jewelry pouches on the rack, however the prices were not marked for this grouping and I had to ask for each piece. There was a wishbone pave necklace that I considered for $25.

Super cute bow enamel cuffs ranged in price from $5-20 depending on if they were damaged. While I was at the sale though I believe a woman came in and snapped up all the $5 bows though, probably as gifts for the holiday season.

Millie Cuffs that are slighty damaged are $10, Fabric covered cuffs are also $10.

My little indulgence at the sale although wasn't super cheap was this jeweled ball that looks like something King Henry would have worn :) Slightly royal, oversized and definitely fun.

Great sale for if you're looking for show stopper party pieces. The kind of jewelry that starts conversations. While not the lowest prices, at $60 and under, still within the realm of reasonable.

Who: Rachel Leigh
What: 50-80% off. Everything $60 or less.
When: December 7-9, 2009. Mon-Wed 9:30am-6pm
Where: 252 West 38th Street, Suite 902 (b/n 7th & 8th Ave) 646.290.6034


Nubiasnonsense said...

You guys have the best sample sale info lol your like little detectives haha

these peices are lovely

When you get a chance enter my giveaway to win a $50giftcard to Daffy's!!


Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

aw thanks Nubia! i totally entered your contest :)

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