Friday, November 5, 2010

Jeff's Grooming Gear

Banking off of Erin's earlier post - I thought it would be fun to go through some of the grooming products that I'm a fan of. I honestly never cared about skincare or anything until I turned 25. At 25 I decided that I'm not getting any younger and should start trying to take better care of my skin since it lasts a lifetime.

At 25, I didn't know where to start, there weren't a ton of options for men's products out there and everything wass relatively new in the market so I ended up buying a bunch of stuff from a few product lines to test them out. While you might think there's no difference between products geared for women vs men - there is (aside from the packaging). Skin is skin at the end of the day, but guys actually have the advantage here. Our skin is thicker, oilier, firmer and more resilient than our female counterparts which benefits us when it comes to aging. If you don't believe me - take a look at your friends. Guys in general tend to age slower.

Truthfully - I'm like most guys and am lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff so there's only a few products I actually use. When I first found a product I liked - I bought almost the entire line but now most of it just sits on my shelf. I really only use a moisturizer and some eye stuff. The rest of it I couldn't be bothered to use.

The only thing I'm really picky about is what goes on my head. I can't go outside without putting some kind of product in my hair to make it less mop-ish. I've tried a bazillion different products and finally landed on some that are solid.

Facewash - I can't be bothered with this. I shower everyday so my face ends up getting washed anyways. I've tried using facewash before and for me, it makes no difference - so I opt out of using this on a regular basis.

Moisturizer - Shiseido Moisturizing Emulsion.
Why? It has a watery texture and is uber smooth and light. I hate heavy products. I want to put something on my face and once its on, feel like I have nothing on and that's exactly what this product does. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and moisturizes.

The other product I use is Dior Repairing Moisturizing Emulsion.
Why? I'm a sucker for cool packaging and I loved the bottle so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's a great product and a bit thicker than the Shiseido emulsion in texture but just as smooth and feels like nothing once it's absorbed into your skin. It provides a bit more hydration so I tend to use this in the winter when my skin is a bit drier.

Toner - I don't use it. I tried Anthony Logistics Astringent Toner Pads since it got great reviews and won some award but I honestly can't stand this product. The pads are soaking wet and the burning alcohol feeling is a bit too much for me.

Eye Care - Biotherm High Energy Recharge.
Why? For those days where I don't get enough sleep and look like a zombie. It helps reduce the signs of tiredness and helps tighten the skin around your eyes. This is a cold serum with a metal roller ball applicator which eliminates the problem of over-application. Keep in mind it's just a band-aid solution.

Shampoo - Anthony Logistics Everyday Shampoo (Peppermint).
Why? Honestly the scent of this alone is worth it. It's my all time favorite shampoo and removes styling product with ease while leaving your hair minty fresh like a stick of trident gum.

Conditioner - Anthony Logistics Every Day Conditioner (Peppermint).
Why? Similar to the shampoo, I love this product. I don't use conditioner on a regular basis but when I do this is what I opt for. Sadly, this product has been discontinued. For some reason I thought this would get discontinued since conditioner isn't something that guys use regularly or at all so I ended up stocking up on this a while ago.

Styling Product - Aveda Pure Perormance Grooming Clay.
Why? Because this just plain rocks. Out of all the styling gels, sprays, waxes, foams, pomades, and mousses I've ever tried this is hands down my favorite product ever. It's a light weight clay that gives you strong hold without shine. It doesn't flake, endures windy days, trying on clothes and lasts all day. You don't have to use very much and it smells amazing (sort of like a chai latte). It can be applied dry or wet depending on your look and doesn't take forever to wash out of your hair (unlike most products that provide stronger hold). I randomly tried this since it won a Men's Health Grooming Award back in 2007 and have never looked back.

Razor - Gillette Fusion Razor (Manual).
Why? It has 5 blades. At first I was intimidated because I always used to nick myself when shaving but this is my favorite razor. The blades are so compact that it's actually very difficult to nick yourself and you get a close shave that only a razor can give. There's lots of different options for this including battery powered models but I just stick to manual. I'm not sure I want pulsating blades vibrating near my neck.

Shaving Cream - Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel.
Why? This is a smooth gel with no fragrance. It does what it's supposed to and helps prevent razor bumps. Also since I've started using this, I have less razor burn which is definitely nice.

Just keep in mind that skin, like everything else is personal. What works for some won't work for others and vice versa. The best way for you to find out what works for you is to try stuff out. To help with this, Sephora offers free samples of tester products that you can try out for yourself before committing. Also, Sephora has an amazing return policy so even if you try something out and realize its not for you, you can return it which is nice.

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shana said...

jeff really does have great hair. it's soft like a pile of kittens. but, this post makes it seem like he turned 25 yesterday when it was eons ago. haha i joke.

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