Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Erin's Current Beauty Must Haves

I used to be an incredible beauty junkie during my awkward teenage years. The promise of new products offered me a chance to daydream that they would somehow transform me from into someone who was cooler, confident and of course more beautiful. And while I no longer believe that products will transform me like only a fairy godmother could, I do know that they can enhance what I have and help preserve my youth. Most people think that I'm about 8 years younger than I actually am and why? I'm a firm believer in eye cream and I've been using it as soon as I hit 19. I drink mostly water and avoid coffee and soda. Otherwise I'm your average girl who has both a salty and a sweet tooth and never has a enough time to hit the gym. Anyways, since it's time for Sephora Friends and Family, it's time for me to do my annual stock up and buy all the beauty supplies I will use in the next year. But I'm not a product snob and some of my fave products are drug store brands so here is a round up of what I use and love.

Face Wash - Cetaphil
Why? It's gentle, removes make up, non-drying, dermatologist recommended and easy on the wallet. Face wash literally washes off so it's not something you need to spend a lot of money on as long as it get's your face clean without over-drying which could cause excess oil production.
Thermal Spa Water - Thermal Spa Water
Why? Between seasons my skin can become super rough and unreceptive to moisturizers unless I spray this on before. It's saved my skin from what seemed like hopeless roughness last winter.

Eye Gel - Arcona Eye Dew & Eye Peptide Serum*
Why? The Eye Dew is super moisturizing and lasts forever because only the smallest tiniest drop is needed at a time. Some people might complain as it's pretty rich but the trick is to apply it right after you wash your face and pat your face dry with a damp finger. I light the Eye Peptide Serum in the summertime because it's much lighter.

Lotion - Davi Vine Fresh
Why? I only just started using this product recently so it's hard to give it a solid review but it's super lightweight and sinks right into my skin without feeling greasy. It has SPF 30 (very important!) and is full antioxidants thanks to polyphenols found in grape leaves and wine extracts.

Foundation & Powder - Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals and Mineral Veil
Why? It's super easy to apply and provides light-medium coverage depending on how much you choose to apply.
Skin Perfector - Clinique Pore Minimizer
Why? After I found out they use this on models for photo shoots to keep them looking perfectly matte for hours on end, I thought why not and picked up myself a tube. I don't use this everyday and only a tiny pearl size amount on the T-zone and cheeks directly beside my nose on days I know I'll be taking photos. Not suitable for people with really dry skin. The key is to not rub it too much into the skin and sort of glide it over. After a minute, look in the mirror and you'll be astonished.

Eyeliner - Nars Eyeliner Stylo or L'oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid
Why? The Nars felt-pen like applicator makes it easy for shaky hands to get it right. The L'oreal liner gives the blackest cleanest lines that last all day long if you can get your hand steady enough.

Tweezers - Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers
Why? Use them and find out why! You can grab the tiniest hairs with ease.

Eyelash Curler - Shu Uemura or Shiseido
Why? The Japanese do eyelash curlers right. These don't pinch the corners of your eyes and will last for years to come.

Eyeshadow - Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow
Why? High quality pigment rich and very blendable, smooth application.
click to enlarge
Why? Super compact, cute packaging and a very natural color. I apply it with my fingers just to my cheek bones

Lip Gloss - Fusion Beauty Lipfusion Infatuation*
Why? Great smell, non sticky, pleasant minty tingling that ever so slightly plumps lips. The only downside is the brush applicator (not a huge fan)

Why? Great velvety texture for both brands and flattering shades that are moisturizing yet stay on the lips. Lipstick Queen has great opaque coverage if you want a pigmented lipstick with no shimmer/frost effect.
Lip Balm - Lulu Organic in Ruby Mint Lip Balm*
Why? Best lip balm I've ever used. I love everything about it, the minty smell, the way it makes my lips tingly, the subtle tint, the penatrating moisture. The $12 price tag is a bit steep but I've been using my tube forever (or about 6 months).

Dry Shampoo - Klorane Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk
Why? On those days I'm running late and need to pump some volume into my hair and a bit of freshness this product is great. While it's no substitute for not washing your hair, it'll help get you through an extra day. The key is to make sure that you shake it well and don't spray continuously. Only swift strategic pumps throughout different sections of hair as needed or else you'll run out rather quickly.
grooming creme
Soft Natural Styling - Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream
Why? If you have bangs, this product is a must to tame them and keep them side swept and out of eyes without looking like it's styled. I also put some on the ends to keep them together

Why? This stuff is legendary for a reason, great hold but can also be brushed out without flaking.

Nail Polish - It's got to be OPI or Essie
Why? Amazing colors and great coverage and texture. Nail polish that can easily take me through a week of wear and tear. Relatively affordable.

Deep Moisturization for Hands & Feet - Unrefined African Shea Butter or Sweet Almond Oil.
Why? It's super affordable and really effective. The shea butter seriously repaired my dry crackly feet over time. The Sweet Almond oil (SAO) penetrates deep down into the skin and doesn't leave a grease on skin feel. SAO is also great for moisturizing nails and cuticles and keeping them healthy and strong.

Am I missing anything? Do you have any current faves I don't know about yet?

*Full disclosure: received a sample at NYFW, otherwise all products have been purchased


Debie said...

Love, love this post! You guys should write more about products :) Earlier this year I discovered MAC's pressed "blot powder" and it's been a saving grace. I brush it on in the morning to set my makeup and a quick touch up during the day gets rid of any shine without that old-lady powdery feel.

Anonymous said...

Love, love your article...Love the recommendations and if I may add one more..The Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler is the best I have ever tried. It is a 2 PC system that comes with a sturdy curler and a small heater base thingy that heats the pad in the curler, so the curl really really lasts. Makes my eyes look 3 times as big and awake.
Love reviews on Amazon..

Erin said...

glad you enjoyed this post!!! I seriously have to look into your product recommendations as well :) I love trying new things and there are no better products than ones that are "musts" for other people!

would love to have my eyes look more awake in the morning I am such a sleepy head!

Caroline said...

oh i'm going to have to try out the spa water! i have that same issue with dry skin. Also, what about exfoliater? do you use it? i love Clinique 7 day pore scrub ... oh and i'm a BIG Clarisonic user.

chibi said...

Thanks for sharing your favs.
I like the Shu and Shiseido eye lash curlers too.

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