Monday, October 11, 2010

Chardonnay with Nicole Miller

I’m not really fazed by celebrities, but designer’s are my rock stars and it is not unusual for me to slightly freak out when I have the opportunity to meet one. Especially if you take into account the tried and true renowned designers who have have quietly built an empire for themselves. Nicole Miller is one such designer that had me slightly starry eyed just a couple weeks ago when I met her at her boutique in Soho for an intimate party.

From a distance I see her with her slick jacket, open toe booties, ginger hair – not at all in a rush but leisurely spending time with each guest at the party. For her personal style, it’s all about New York Black but it’s powerful and all about silhouette.

IMG_9540Lani had met Nicole Miller 30 minutes previously and when I introduce myself, Nicole Miller comments that I must be the one who works in Fashion Design and names my company. My mouth goes dry, my eyes widen and I’m thoroughly impressed by Nicole Miller’s amazing memory. It has thrown me off and all the questions that I had pooling together inside my mind are no longer anywhere to be found. Yikes!She looks great in a perfectly fitted little jacket with a peplum, paired with a pencil skirt. I soon find myself bonding with Nicole Miller over her killer accessories by Thomas Sabo. NM is quick to compliment my DIY headband and my recent Fenton/Fallon purchases!

NM's perfectly manicured fingernails look amazing in an extra glossy shade of olive green become another point of conversation. Turns out it is custom blended by Butter London that was made just for her Spring 2011 show. NM laments that she is using it sparingly because another bottle will not come easy and it will take will be another trip to London if she runs out. So much like myself, I am learning quickly that Nicole Miller is a bit of a nail polish junkie! When I ask about her nails, she jumps to asking me what I think of Matte nail polish and quickly turns her attention towards her toes that are veiled by sheer black pantyhose. She tugs at the nylons through open toe booties so that I can make out hints of matte pewter.



When discussing her recent Spring 2011 show and the contrast from to what I remember her brand to be about while growing up in the 90s from the memories of department stores (great party dresses) . She is frank and refreshingly honest stating that one cannot always have power over what the buyers choose to buy and how vision for her woman has always been about elegance.



I explore the boutique looking carefully at not just the design but the construction, technique and fabrications of the self described Fabric Geek and find myself in admiration of the workmanship and textures.


Bringing me back to earth I always feel so grounded when I have a chance to catch up with one of my fave blogger ladies, lovely Jennine of The Coveted. It was also great meeting other bloggers like Danny of The Mod Man and Virginia of Lovely 20s while sipping Chardonnay. It is just another Wednesday night, but one I won’t be forgetting quickly.

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Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, that is awesome. She sounds amazing in real life!

Anonymous said...

Great post! When I first read it, I thought what does the first sentence mean and then I realized you meant you're not "fazed"!

Erin said...

Glad that you enjoyed!
Oops! Sorry about the use of the wrong word! I totally didn't even realize it was the wrong fazed/phased :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Keep up the good work!

Virginia said...

wonderful meeting you girls! x

Anonymous said...

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