Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010 NYC - Fri, Sep 10

If you weren't around for last year's Fashion's Night Out (FNO), it was quite the adventure. It was a fun night of designer & celeb appearances, band performances, little goodies, and of course, shopping. Some recaps of last year's event included the words "circus" and "zoo".

This year's FNO is going to be even bigger (possibly crazier) than last year as nearly 1,000 stores will be participating compared to last year's 800. For the full list of events to plan your night, visit If you feel overwhelmed by the list, we recommend checking out The Cut's guide to Fashion's Night Out.

As part of FNO, tickets went on sale earlier this morning for the giant public fashion show at the Lincoln Center. The site shutdown and lower-priced tickets sold out at the box office after only a half hour. According to updates on Twitter, there are already people scalping $25 tickets. Argh, ticket scalpers and sample sale horders are the worst, but not all is lost. will be broadcasting the show live online.
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