Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Adventures

I definitely had an interesting night on Fashion's Night Out! It was really fun for me knowing that every fashionista and fashion loving person in the city was out doing the same! To have Fashion Week stop and designers take a time out to meet and greet with the public is amazing!

I started out my adventure in Williamsburg around 6:30pm at one of my fave boutiques, Bird. I saw the balloons in the distance and knew I was in for a fun time. They had dunk tanks (brrr...), games, a popcorn and cotton candy machine (yum~). I even got to take my picture with Karl & Donatella, in cutout form anyways ;)

I was also excited for the chance to see the Vena Cava limited edition Tee-Shirt dresses that are on sale for only $100 a pop first-hand! The top of all the dresses are white, but the skirts vary in hue and print. A green/rust leaf version was my favorite!

The next stop on my list was the Matthew Williamson boutique in the Meatpacking District around 7:10pm. The scene was really chill and the store wasn't too crowded. I had alot of fun taking an up close look at his beautiful prints and beading! My fave part of the store was this tropical display case. Amazing! They had raspberry vodka drinks and champagne.

The next stop was only a door down at McQueen at 7:30pm. The store was definitely more crowded and the feeling was definitely more posh and intimidating than the other events that I went to. They had by far the best Champagne of the night! It had a strawberry slice and was a rosey hue, but unfortunately no idea what it is.

As I was headed back to the train, I noticed a huge crowd around the Hugo Boss store at 7:50 pm and noticed a Burlesque performance in the window.

Next up was BCBG at 8:15pm, I really was hoping to see the re-creation of the runway show but I didn't want to waste time by waiting until 9pm. This store was by far the most crowded of the evening! People were getting makeovers and drinking champagne but I was chasing Max Azria himself :)

I caught up with him as he stepped outside for a smoke break and he was quick to pose for a photo when I asked. He seems kind, robust and very congenial!

I stepped inside and noticed an insanely tall girl and realized it's Alex Wek! My 2nd time in 2 days...I asked to take a picture and thought ohhh she's sooo tall, this will be a bit awkward but the sweetheart bent her knees so she could be in the photo with me! Alex definitely has a unique look and great skin!

I decided to run over to Lord & Taylor because it was only a couple blocks down around 8:30pm. Then I spotted Alex Wek again...I hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her! I also spotted these 2 lovely ladies, but as I'm not a great recognizer of famous faces I can't quite put my finger on who they are! If you know the answer, help a girl out!

The were holding a private Conde Nast party in the back and I ran to my chictopia friend and fellow blogger UnoCosa.

Soon I was sucked into the world of keys and trying to find one! I found the jar at the ladies handbag department but was told they were out of keys. A couple minutes later 3 keys appeared magically so we began our journey through the store! We were told there were 11 prizes left so we ran. I felt a bit like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a chance for a golden ticket.

Unfortunately the keys yielded no prizes and as I left at 9:20pm I noticed the jar of keys had been refilled. My guess is that alot of the fantastic prizes were left unclaimed. I kept the key as a souvenir and it was fun looking while it lasted.

Last stop on my list was DSW, with a contest to win 12 pairs of shoes, I was excited. So I arrived at 9:52pm for the Grand Prize Drawing at 10pm.

There was a flurry of last minute scuffling as staff sorted through to make sure there were no duplicate entries. When it came time to draw for the prizes, it was almost comical as women groaned every time they pulled a man's name, but as you had to be present to win, the names kept being drawn except for mine. At 10:05pm I thought about checking out Opening Ceremony, but I decided with work tomorrow to check myself home. Especially since my Fashion's Night Out yielded much bubbly but no food and I was starving!

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