Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reader Question of the Week: Flat, Elastic Sandal

"I've been looking for these black flat elastic sandals with a tan back/sole and I can't find them! The closet I found were these Acne ones, which I love but are too expensive. I also have an old pair that I could wear, but they're pretty worn out. What do you think?"
- Elizabeth, New York

With shoes, I think resoling an old pair is a great option. It's less wasteful and therefore better for the environment and usually your pocket book. Sometimes it is tempting though to just buy a new pair. If your old pair is in relatively good condition, then I'd recommend getting those resoled. If they're pretty stretched out or too dirty to clean, then perhaps it's probably time to move on. Here are links to a few options that I think might be similar to what you're looking for.

TopShop Hira Sandal, $55 available in natural/beige and gray

Hokus Pokus Allover Stretch Sandal, $30 (retail $39) available in black and pink

Cole Haan Air Lyric Sandal, on sale $101 (retail $150) available in brown metallic, black and silver

Aldo Nicklin Sandal, on sale $35 (retail $50) available in black and gray

Readers, do you have any other suggestions for Elizabeth?


ruthless said...

Norma Kamali has all black ones at Walmart. http://www.normakamalicollection.com/product1272/ELASTIC%20SANDAL.aspx?cid=90734&idx=11

Saw them in the store recently but not available online anymore.

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