Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now Wearing...

I spin at TopShop for a couple hours every few weeks. It's super fun for me because it's a combo of my two loves, music and shopping. I shouldn't be buying anything right now, so this past weekend was a little tough with all of the sale racks out. Luckily (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), there was nothing left in my size so I left only with my laptop and records.
Marbled pleather skirt - Urban Outfitters
Black patent leather bag - Aldo
Studded watch cuff - no name, Buffalo Exchange
Rings & things - Erica Anenberg, nOir & Forever 21

Photography by Steven Chu


alyssa said...

what a cool job!! you lucky girl! i love this outfit. you look like a fab dj. and i love your hair too!!
xx. alyssa


Anonymous said...

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