Thursday, July 1, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey had a sample sale yesterday, and while the sale is no more (just one day), I figured I'd post for future reference! For live updates from sales, follow us on Twitter @sugrrockcatwalk.

I stopped by a little before noon, which was the listed start time, and there were already lots of women shopping! Rachel Comey is definitely a New York favorite. The sale was pretty packed and got increasingly busy during the 20 minutes that I was there. Considering how many women were there, it was actually quite calm. It was just a little uncomfortable for me personally because there wasn't much space to move around or browse the merch. There was not fitting room, but there was a little changing area in the corner.
Sample and sale clothes from previous collections were $100 or $250 for 3 pieces. I spotted some sweater dresses, as well as skirts, tops and dresses in signature prints. Summer tanks from this season were $140-$160. There were only a few pieces of each style, but there seemed to be something in every size.
The green leopard wedges I've been eying for awhile were $150. Other styles were $150+. Sample shoes like the clothes were $100 or $250 for 3.
There were also accessories. The bin of $50 belts included leathers and prints. Scarves were $40; hats were $75. The clutches and backpacks were a still quite pricey at $140-$250 a piece.
If you're a Rachel Comey fan, I would recommend staying on the look out for the next sale as prices were deeply discounted 50-60% off as advertised.

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