Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Belated Alber Elbaz

I already think that Alber Elbaz is not only a creative genius but an adorable personality. His iconic teddy bear appearance with giant bow ties make me want to give him a hug! Anyways I just read about another reason to love him today in the Daily Front Row and had to share. The designer's 49th Birthday had just passed 2 days ago but he was en route to New York for Lanvin's Pre-Summer presentation at Milk Studios today.

“It was most pathetic birthday celebration ever,” he told the intimate, EIC-heavy crowd. “I was at the Air France lounge waiting to get on the flight to New York, and the airline attendant presented me with a muffin. I think we both felt embarrassed." And then it got worse. Once Elbaz arrived in New York, the Mercer Hotel staff surprised him with an en suite card and cake.

“Except I was all alone and I didn’t want to be that person eating an entire cake by myself in a hotel room,” the maestro confessed. “So I tried to hide it, and it fell on the floor. I was too ashamed to call downstairs and ask for help with the clean-up, so I got on my knees and did it by myself.”

His tale melts my heart as I'm sure that we've all experienced an unfortunate birthday in our lifetime. I know that I certainly have! This makes Elbaz all the more relatable and all the more real. Fortunately the birthday misfortunes didn't last for long as following his presentation the audience broke into an impromptu round of Happy Birthday song!
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