Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Resort 2011

Today Cynthia Rowley took the show on the road literally using a black bus and a gaggle of models to the time starved editors of various publications including Condé Nast, Hearst and Time, Inc. Fortunately for me, Condé Nast is mere steps from my office so I was able to take a late lunch and check out the scene. Special thanks to Michelle F :)

Condé Nast with it's close proximity to Times Square was an interesting scene with 2 very distinct crowds. The fashion folk(editors, stylists, photographers and bloggers) and tourists who happened to wander by the scene and seem intrigued and fascinated by what was unfolding before their eyes.
As for the collection itself, it was full of easy to wear super chic pieces. Rowley brought together playful vintage inspired pieces like flowing fuller skirts, high waisted bikini bottoms, ditsy multicolor dots and bucket hats. Fortunately none of this looked to sweet thanks to an undercurrent of rock & roll edge brought forth through sheerness, shine, sequins, raw edge denim patches that went hand in hand with the killer footwear and accessories.

The collection also looked like it had comfort and real women in mind with most of the pieces being body skimming, nothing was too revealing and the elasticized/drawstring waists were prevalent.

This was my personal favorite look as it's super simple casual vibe is oh-so-tough-girl-chic yet effortless.

Cynthia Rowley's collection had me wanting an oversize fish necklace really bad! I thought it looked particularly great paired with the sequin top (perhaps because the fish looks at home in a sparkling blue sea?). I also am aching for a pair of these shoes! They are a woven printed floral fabric that makes them look from a distance as if they were a paper maché collage. I've never seen anything quite like them and they looked great with both matching floral printed socks and with these sequin ankle socks as well!

Last but not least, could you ever go wrong with a heart shaped purse?


shana said...

i love the blue shoe lace wedge too, but i wonder how they would feel around the toes... the model's toes look kind of crammed in there.

Anonymous said...

wow! really great accessories!

Anonymous said...

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