Thursday, May 20, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: The News

I stopped by The News sample sale yesterday and today. There was definitely more merchandise yesterday, but there are still tons of stuff and some deals to be found from Band of Outsiders, BOY by Band of Outsiders, Clu, Cheap Monday, Sacai, Common Projects, Shipley & Halmos, KZO, Wayne, R13, Creative Growth for Everybody. Unfortunately one of our favorites Vena Cava didn't make it to this sale.
There were pieces at every price point from $695 leather jackets to $5 jeans and jersey samples. It was a very calm sale and a good size space. The only uncomfortable thing was the shared fitting room, both men and women with only one mirror for everyone.

Pieces from brands like BOY, Band of Outsiders and Shipley & Halmos were deeply discounted. Some pieces were still pricey like the aforementioned leather jacket $695, but there were some more affordable pieces as well.

This incredible leather jacket from Shipley & Halmos was $261. Other Shipley & Halmos pieces included silk skirts for $75 and silk dresses for $160+.

There are were a bunch of BOY by Band of Outsiders denim vests for $75 (retail $504). There were also a handful of BOY oxford shirts for $68 (retail $228).

If you're a Cheap Monday fan, you will love this sale. There was a huge selection of Cheap Monday jeans and apparel, and surprisingly a good assortment of sizes even today. The jeans on the racks were $20-30, and the jeans in the boxes were $5-10. As for apparel, everything was under $40 and many pieces were $20.

There were $5 jeans and also $75 cutoffs, different brands obviously, but I found this kind of amusing.

Another great part of the sale was the selection of jersey pieces from Clu. There was a bargain bin of $5-$10 samples. There were also some fun dresses and tunics along the wall for $20-$50. If you like drapey, voluminous pieces, you will have fun with the Clu pieces at this sale. Some of the pieces will take a little creativity to rock, so definitely for the more adventurous shopper.

I didn't a chance to really browse the men's section, but there seemed to be a good assortment of pieces, lots of outwear and some fun accessories like these bowties.

A menswear highlight was the large selection of Common Projects sneakers. They were mostly size 41+, and most prices ranged from $160-$215.

And I think every guy has enough t-shirts, but if you're looking for more, there were plenty of them in the $5 bin.

This was a great sale, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood and looking for some fun casual pieces.

Who: The News Sample Sale
When: May 20-22, 2010. Thurs-Sat 10am-6pm
Where: 495 Broadway @ Broome, 5th Floor (212) 925-9700

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