Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Julie Haus

Samples above & Price List
Stopped by the Julie Haus sale after work and found that it was moderately busy but by no means chaos. There was rack upon rack of samples and some stock available too. The change room is a free for all area in the back and only 5 items are permitted at a time. Sizing was hard to determine for samples but for most range in the size 2-4 range while others are 4-6 if they were production garments. For stock I did see up to a size 12 available but these pieces weren't nearly as affordable as the samples although definitely still reasonable and still a huge percent off. While prices on samples were listed on a chart, stock was labeled on the tag. The majority of the samples seemed to be the "Black S Samples".

Lace & Silk Blouse $30, Metallic Ballerina Bustle Top $45, Sequin Dress $45

Purple Dress with Stones $45

Turq Pleat Dress $60, Olive Blouse $45, Floral Blouse $25.

One of the best deals I spotted was a silk jersey print dress for a mere $30! Great sale if you are a size 2-6 thanks to the samples but if you're not worth a stop by for feminine and scultural pieces for mostly under $60!

Who: Julie Haus
What: Past-season tops start at $25, dresses start at $45, and coats start at $50.
When: April 13-16, 2010. Tues-Thurs 10 am-8pm
Where: 39 West 38th St (b/n Fifth & Sixth Aves) 6th floor


Clare said...

Great prices + cute clothes = Awesome

tweet tweet tweet


Heather said...

O I'll have to swing by!

Erin said...

let us know if you pick up anything :)

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