Friday, April 29, 2011

A Closer Look: Mr. Powers

A couple weeks ago I posted about the upcoming launch of Mr. Powers - Cynthia Rowley's menswear line. Thanks to the lovely folks at Cynthia Rowley, I got a closer look via the line charts for the upcoming fall collection set to launch this July.

The collection will house several button down cardigans which range in price from $265-$275. I think the cabin sweater with the broad collar is my fave of the lot since the weave of the knit adds texture and a geometric feel to the piece.

Continuing on with sweaters, the collection will house some v-necks and a square patterned piece which will retail for $275-$295.

Shirts will range anywhere from $165-$230.

Tweed chesterfield and velveteen cigar jackets will retail for $495-$595. These are one of my faves from the fall collection. There's just something about a great jacket that I love. The cigar jacket looks pretty dope with the trim - so I'm definitely planning on checking it out once the line drops.

Outerwear pieces range from $195 for the puffer vest to $595 for the down piece. The majority of the other jackets are set to retail at $495.

In addition to the cigar jackets, the other thing that I'm really digging from this collection are the Ts. Stripes are always a plus in my book and I lovethe color combo of the white/grey/orange in addition to the variation in the stripe sizes. The marbalized T has an amazingly organic and fluid print which just plain rocks. Both will retail for $125.

Last up are accessories. Striped socks are priced at $18, wool hats at $95, and belts at $125.

Can't wait until July when I can check out these pieces in person!

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