Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flats & Walkable Heels at Scarpasa

Let's face it. We all love high heels, but they're not always the most practical, especially when you live and walk in the city. If you're Carrie Bradshaw and a fictional writer income, then sure you can afford to wear ridiculous shoes and cab everywhere. For the rest of us, there are shoe cushions and flats.

Image courtesy of Indexed

I know a lot of women, myself included, find it difficult to shop for stylish and comfortable shoes. Enter, a site dedicated stylish flats, low and mid-heel shoes, and supposedly kitten heels are coming back.

The shoes at Scarpasa tend to be more high-end like Milly and Zinda, so some of the pairs are a bit pricey. I'm not advocating spending beyond your means, but just remember that your feet and health are worthy investment. Plus, one quality pair is worth more than a dozen pairs from Payless.

The site is new and still growing, so expect new inventory in the future. For now, these are my picks Scarpasa picks, and good until the end of April, enter "Velina" at checkout for 10% off.

Zinda Lynne, $209

Wonders Haven, $155

Zinda Linda, $205


Heather said...

O man i was going to wear heels today but then i decided to go with the flats. It's so bad...i wish i could wear heels around the city but it just doesn't work. Also I love kitten heels they are the perfect inbetween! :)

Andrea said...

These shoes are great! Not only are they flats and lower heels, they are high quality and imported from Europe! Love them.

Eric said...

These heels are really cute. I'm sure they're much easier to walk in, and with enough padding they could be comfortable as well. Very pretty.

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