Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Tips: Sugar Rock Catwalk on The 404

With Jeff Bakalar, Wilson Tang and Justin Yu of The 404

Yesterday between shows and our day jobs we managed to take a time out to spend some time with the boys of the hit CNET podcast, The 404. It was our first time shooting a video live and although we were a little nervous, we were really excited more than anything else. Justin, Wilson and Jeff put us at ease and we just ended up having a lot of fun discussing Valentine's Day, gift ideas and Menswear Do's & Don'ts amongst other things. Thanks guys for the rad time!
To our everyday readers please feel free to check out the podcast here! Let us know what you think!

To all of you visiting us via The 404, we just wanted to say welcome :) Glad to have you here with us and here is a quick sum up of what we said + a few extra tips we never got the chance to discuss.

Valentines Day:
- Valentines Day is just another day to show that you care. Doing little nice things everyday is way more appreciated.
- Experience type gifts that you can enjoy together are the best (winery tour, spa day, picnic, bike ride, cooking, rock climbing, sky diving etc).
- any girl would love chocolate on a regular day but for V-Day, it's kind of impersonal. Unless it's very specific, something experiential like a Chocolate tasting or Walking Chocolate tour is better. There's actually one in NYC on Valentine's day for $5 with profits going to fight hunger.
-Something about flowers is magical, but only get them if your gf has somewhere to put them. If you're walking around the city with them, they can get cumbersome. Roses are so typical that it might be nice to get a more unique flower that suited your gfs personality. Lily of the Valley (adorable and smell amazing), Calla Lily (elegance, grace and refinement), Tulips (sweet and great color), Irises (interesting and artsy), Orchids (mysterious, long lasting), Peonies (feminine, soft)
-Perfume, not recommended as people can be very sensitive to smells and the person wearing all day may get a headache or allergies. If you really want to go this route custom blended perfumes might be a nice gift.
- it's not about what you can buy, it's about showing you know that person. The best gifts are the unexpected ones that show that you know things about your girlfriend that no one else would.
- clothing is dangerous territory because sizing can vary so much between brand to brand you could offend or insult your lady.
- Lingerie is not a great gift. Girls love cute lingerie, but we buy it for ourselves and it becomes our little secret that we chose to reveal or not. Very important that it is something that a girl feels personally comfortable in. Don't buy it for us, if anything a gift card to a nice lingerie store is actually preferable.

Menswear Dos
+ most important, whatever the brand, clothing that fits your body!
+ pair of nice jeans (dark rinse, nice fit, no underwear bubble)
+ great tailored jacket (can be casual, just needs to be well-fitted at the shoulders and body, can always take it to the tailor)
+ t-shirt alternative (sweater, button-up, polo, etc)
+ sleek pair of sneakers
+ confidence (posture & smile will take you far)

Menswear Don'ts
- saddlebags aka overstuffed pockets. Please use a murse!
- extreme vanity (ex. fake glasses)
- excessive logos
- too much crazy, too many eccentric pieces or ironic dressing

We don't always wear only one brand of clothing from one specific retailer. We love mixing high end and low end pieces, if the fit is right, you can make something from Target or Kohl's look good with the right combination. Some items are worth the investment like jeans, a high quality murse, and a well fitted blazer/outerwear as they are items that you will wear on a regular basis and get good use out of.

Some Brands/Shops We Like:
Company of We - Great affordable menswear with fun detailing that's in the same vein as Band of Outsiders
Fine and Dandy - For fun mens accesories!
Cheap Monday - Not a fan of their jeans but they have some great affordable suits!
Steven Alan - Great menswear accesories and basics
Zara Men - Pick up a blazer
Club Monaco - Their cashmere sweaters for men are great!
Uniqlo - So many affordable basics!
J.Crew - Timeless Quality Classics.
Fred Perry - Preppy Cool
Acne - Definitely edgier and more European. Not for every man, but those that a can rock it look fab.


Mike said...

I'm most certainly getting laid with these tips! THANKS!

Gabriel said...

Stay classy Mike. Stay classy.

Wahyuddin said...

Thanks for the tips on the 404 It really helped me to know a little better with my girl...

Erin said...

haha Thanks Gabriel ;)!

Wahyuddin so glad that we could help out with your girl! hope she appreciated your efforts!

Bayliy said...

This is a good post. I'm happy to read it. Thanks for sharing.

Bayliy said...

This is a good post. I'm happy to read it. Thanks for sharing.

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