Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sale Report: Phi Closing Sale

Luxe label PHI is shutting it's doors forever. It's sad as this economy has seen the demise of so many labels, the grave stones are too many. The only plus side? If you are a PHI fan, now is the time to pick up some pieces at some unbelievable prices.

The prices are Sample Sweaters $75+, Sample Tank Tops $25+, Sample Blouses $50+. All production items are 90% of Retail. Pre Spring and Fall'09 stock 70% off Retail.

Leather Jackets $350+, Plain Jackets $150+, Leather Coats $500+, Plain Coats $350+.

Belts $29-100. Shoes $50+, Boots $100+, Current Season Sample Boots $250.

The sale was not very crowded with only a handful of shoppers. Change rooms were not available that I could see, and women were milling around a very large mirror on the sales floor and trying on merch there. Clothing tended to run mostly from size 2-6.

The confusing part of the sale for me was, although there was signage indicating prices, there were no clearly distinct areas that were marked samples, production, pre-spring or fall so it was very difficult to determine what the actual price of each garment was. Some merch was labeled, but many pieces had lost their tags and it was a mystery to most shoppers. You could ask the sales girls each price, but who wants to do that at a sale? It's a little tiresome after a piece or 2.
There were plenty of shoes and boots. Mostly these amazing Mesh ankle boots that zipped and had 2 buckles which were in a variety of sizes from 36-41. The colorful ankle boots that I admired only seemed to be in larger sizes like 40-41. This style also came in a pump version that was similarly larger sized 39-41.

There were also boxes of various strappy sandals and a couple very large boxes filled with miscellaneous shoes that had amazing metal heels and toes. They were in sizes 38-41 and some were scuffed on the bottom deliberately leading me to believe that these are in fact runway shoes that have been used once and tossed in a box. The hard part with looking at these shoes is finding the other side.

Some fun pieces I found were this bralet top for $20 (size 6) and these silky cargo shorts for $110. I also saw some silky pleated shorts for $50, wool pinstripe pants for $50, silky harem pants for $130. I spotted a few zip sweaters fro $80-130.

There were a few gowns left but I believe they were still around $1000, Some sporty pastel color block dresses with mesh detailing were $250.

I tried on a wool coat with cropped bubble sleeves and fur collar, but the lady working there only told me it was 80% off retail. Unfortunately retail was not marked so it left me wondering. Not the sale for you if you like knowing how much things are before bringing to the cash register! Personally it sort of stresses me out...but seeing as merch is up to 90% off...I guess that's the trade off.

Who: PHI Closing Sale
What: Expect 70% off pre-spring and fall '09, 90% off past season merch, and samples priced at $25 to $200—with new merch added this week.
Where: PHI, 71 Greene Street, (b/n Spring and Broome St) 212-966-0076.
When: Now through February 7, 2010. Mon-Sat 11am-6:30pm Sun noon-6pm


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Did you get that jacket? We're there any more jackets left? When did you guys go? Sorry for the million questions!

Erin said...

Hi! I didn't get the jacket because I wasn't sure what 80% off retail meant ;) but it was super cute there was a rack that was full of at least 5 different styles! I just went yesterday evening! hope that helps^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Erin! I went and scored Pre Spring 2010 a biker jacket for 80% off.

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