Friday, February 12, 2010

Runway Review: Farah Angsana FW2010

As much of a daze that I've been in the past 24 hours, I was temporarily snapped out of it when I arrived to the Farah Angsana and found that Lani and I had seats with our names and Sugar Rock Catwalk typed out. It was nice to be legit and not just another guest.

It was a full house in the tents and I waited in anticipation to see what the Swiss designer would have in store for us. The clothing that I found was what I would wear if I was a socialite or if I frequented galas.

The clothing was definitely eye catching in an array of jewel tones from hot pink, ruby red, violet, cobalt complimented by silver, pewter and gold. Opulent sparkle was a must and sparkling embellishment dripped down gowns and a generous amount crystals sprinkled tailored pieces.

Movement was important with many of these pieces with swathes of chiffon or feathers that float around as you walk making sure that you'll make quite the entrance.

The pieces that had sheer sleeves or yokes were amongst my favorite pieces.

The Farah Angsana collection also featured some luxe fur pieces as accompaniments to the dresses. The Golden Fox Fur cropped jacket complimented the caramel tones of the dress nicely.

I thought that red cocktail dress with matching jacket was adorable and would be great on a young celeb for a premiere event.

As much as I didn't think my heart was in NYFW after yesterday's tragic news, thank you Farah Angsana for the sumptuous, floating and sparkling glamor. Glamor goes a long way on a cold winter day.

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Ebay Fashion Addict said...

looks like a GORGEOUS show! Congrats on attending. I love that sequin coat especially :)

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