Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heartbreak: RIP Alexander McQueen

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I'm not gonna lie, I know that I've been very blessed to have the privilege to attend shows at New York Fashion Week pretty much since I moved to the city. Wednesday night was tough but we made it through the blizzard and hectic schedule but we survived.

Tonight was a bit tougher for me. You see, I'm a bit heartbroken. I feel like pieces of me have been shattered by the tragic, passing of Alexander McQueen today. He represented my fashion hopes and dreams at the highest level and never failed to inspire and amaze me. He was one of the reasons I wanted to work in this industry to begin with and now I feel like those roots have been shaken.

If you asked me yesterday if money wasn't an object and you could work anywhere, where would it be? The answer was hands down McQueen and it had been unchanged since my college years. Now I find the question I knew the answer to only yesterday a blur.

He was a genius and his vision was pure fantasy. He created a world where everything was eerily beautiful and invited us season after season to be a part of it. Now to have lost the chance to be a part of his world it's hard for me to face fashion without him. But alas, the show must go on, as must I.

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen. March 16, 1969 – February 11, 2010

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