Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now Wearing...

Last weekend I DJed a fundraiser at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. The party was to help my good friend, DJ Morsy, replace his stolen equipment. The other weekend some punks at a Bushwick party stole his DJ bag, which had literally everything in it - laptop, Serato, headphones, mixer, camera, wires, everything!

The party was went really well. We raised enough money to help DJ Morsy get back on his feet, and everyone had a great time. The Beatards gave an awesome performance, and there was lots of dancing throughout the night, including my set!
Light blue furry vest - Pikko 1988
Black cage shoulder dress - Funktional
Ripped tights - Calvin Klein/DIY
Black lace-up boots - Justin
Bangle & rings - H&M, nOir and Forever 21

I started out wearing the cage dress with the furry vest for some warmth, but it didn’t take very long for the place to heat up. Since it was a casual Brooklyn party, I dressed down the dress with some ripped tights and flat lace-up boots.
As for makeup, I'm not expert, but I knew I wanted to wear a little lipstick for the occasion. I felt like a red would be too bold, especially since I wanted the focus of my outfit to be my dress, so I went with a slightly more subtle purple shade.

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Adele said...

Supercute! PS - your cage dress is in the newest issue of Marie Claire.

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