Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now Playing: Caribou "Odessa"

Artist: Caribou
Recommended If You Like: Of Montreal, Four Tet, Grizzly Bear

Caribou is one of my favorite indie electronic artists. While Caribou does live shows as a band, it's actually a one man project from Canada. I discovered his music during my days of college radio when he released The Milk Of Human Kindness, and I've been following his music since. A little psychedelic and atmosphere, I often find myself daydreaming when I listen to Caribou.

"Odessa" is the first single off Caribou's upcoming album Swim. I've had this song on loop for days. It's has the space electronic sound I've come to love from Caribou, but unlike songs of the past this one is a little dancey. Get the track for free at by simply entering your email address. Download and enjoy!

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