Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Fun: Barbie as Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga's Kermit the Frog Outfit by veik11i show u the easiest way to make the shades by veik11
Watch out Louboutin's Cat Burglar Barbie. As cute as you are I don't think you are any match for this insanely amazing Lady GaGa tribute in Barbie doll form that I noticed thanks to Refinery29. They are created by Beijing based doll artist Veik. Unfortunately these Barbie dolls are not for sale.

His meticulous attention to detail really gives life to his creations that derive from Lady GaGa's best/or rather most memorable outfits but in tiny doll form! From Kermit the Frog, to her ensemble when meeting the Queen to McQueen's infamous Armidillo heels, Veik's got the details down!

Veik even gives tutorials on how to create your own GaGa dolls! Omg I want :)
Lady GaGa Performs On The X Factor by veik11Welcome the amazing Lady GaGa (The Royal Variety Show Performance) by veik11

1 comment:

Karafina said...

omg, this is pretty fucking awesome!

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