Monday, January 4, 2010

Preview: Ann-Sofie Back x Topshop Collection

Slashed grey T-shirt dress - $100
Beaded slashed grey vest - $100

Topshop has collaborated for the third time with Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back to create a collection of six slashed tee-shirt dresses & tops for Spring 2010. The collection incorporates sweat shirt material in mushroom, charcoal and black that have been shredded and torn. Ann-Sofie comments “I looked at traditional American stereotypes such as horror movies. The sequined tops, dresses and sweats are slashed by Freddy Kruger himself."

The collection will be available online January 6, 2010 and at Topshop New York on January 27, 2010. What do you think of the collection? Freddy Kruger always freaked me out growing up but I reallyam really feeling the edgy casual vibe and the modern organic textures created by the slashed cutouts.

Slashed back sweatshirt - $100
Beaded slashed grey long-sleeved top - $110

Slashed black sweater dress - $120
Beaded slashed charcoal sleeveless dress - $140

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klee4vp said...

can't wait can't wait

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