Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Question of the Week: Styling Rodarte for Target

"I picked up the lace cardigan from Rodarte for Target in tan, and I don't know how to wear it! Should I keep it or return? Help!"
- Jun, California
Let me start by saying I'm so jealous of your cardigan! I was in Vietnam when Rodarte for Target went on sale. I wanted to buy one in yellow online, but by the time I logged on they were already sold out. So please, don't return it. It's a cardigan, so it's an easy piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. Wear it and love it!

I know this photo was just to show how the cardigan fits on you, but I think this outfit could work. I would maybe wear some cream or lighter colored tights to balance out the top; right now it's a little black-heavy on bottom.

The cardigan would look great over a simple, fitted dress. Something voluminous could look frumpy and granny when paired with the lace. I would also avoid dresses and tops with short or 3/4 sleeves because they will create distracting lines under the cardigan.

While it's still chilly out, consider long sleeve dresses like this one, and pair with thick tights or leggings for warmth.

Forever 21 Black Knit Dress Refined, $24.80

Another reason why you shouldn't return the cardigan, nudes and buff tones are going to be hot this spring! You can do up the standstorm trend with khaki or gray colored dress. The cardigan would also look sweet with a light blue.

Brodie Strapless Chambray Dress, $58.00

As for accessorizing, a bow belt like the one in the top photo from the Rodarte Target lookbook would be adorable. I'm not a big fan of leopard and lace, so if it were me, I would probably go with a monotone belt like the ones below. I like the patent for a little polish and the straw one for a more casual earthy look.

Spiegel Bow Tie Belt, $29.00

Wet Seal Straw Waist Bow Belt, $10.50

Readers, what do you think? Do you have any other suggestions for Jun?


Carlene said...

i would wear it with a vintage spaghetti strap satin slip in a soft color blue or coral. OR skinny jeans with a satin bra or corset...just a thought or two

jun said...

Love the dress idea! It'll be perfect for spring...Thanks!

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