Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Rodarte's Spidery Knits for Cheap?

Dear Readers,

I just saw a comment from one of you last night that made me wonder if there was any truth to this. I'm sure that many of you have admired Rodarte's spidery knits. And yes, there have been plenty of imitators and plenty of DIY's that have popped up the last few months. But for those of us who lack in complex knitting skills, have you wondered if it was possible to find Rodarte for less. Yes, there are the Rodarte for Target collection, but really the knit cardigans have a different feel. If anyone can confirm this is true and provide factory info, that would be lovely!


Reader Comment:
PS. if you live in LA you can go to the exact same factory that Rodarte uses to make its knits and create your own for about $300 instead of $2000 +

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