Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rodarte for Men

In all honesty I think I'm pretty lucky to be a woman! There are so many more apparel options available and if I do want to borrow from the boys it's not that hard or strange to rock menswear pieces. Well now art to wear loving men of the world can have one less thing to be jealous of...if they have the cash. This ain't no Target collaboration but the spiderweb delicate knits of the past couple Rodarte collections are here for the taking.

Thanks to Opening Ceremony, Rodarte has launched a small sweater collection! The 4 styles include 2 crewnecks and 2 cardigans and all retail for $2760 a piece.

Quite a pretty penny, and perhaps they may end up on more women than men? What do you think?


brittraninc said...

what a yummy boy! I love nerds with tattoos... its like he's smart and badass :) tehe

Erica said...

I don't know if I can get down with those knit options.

Anonymous said...

Those are pieces that didn't sell from previous collections. The blue sweater has been at OC LA for several seasons and keeps getting returned because it falls apart so easily.

PS. if you live in LA you can go to the exact same factory that Rodarte uses to make its knits and create your own for about $300 instead of $2000 +


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