Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now Eating NYC: Dos Toros Taqueria

I've actually meant to do this write up for a while but haven't been able to get around to it. I'd been curious about Dos Toros the newly opened Taqueria opened by two brothers from San Francisco and I finally had a chance to stop in a couple weeks ago.

The set up is actually a lot like Chipotle, with a line that moves through the efficient assembly line counter leading to a cash register. Although there was a bit of a line, especially considering it was a Monday night, it moved fairly quickly. The atmosphere inside with it's exposed brick walls, wood & pleather stools/benches felt very warm and welcoming. Actually, it's re-claimed wood used for the tables, chairs, bench, and wainscoting so I guess they had eco-friendly design in mind.

The eco-friendly spin continues to biodegradable utensils, cups, napkins, and bags. Composting and recycling of kitchen waste and the use of non-toxic cleaning products!

I had to go for the crispy taco as I was dining-in and I was curious what this would be like. They heated the corn tortillas on the grill so that they were crispy on the edges but still sort of soft and chewy. I like!

In terms of meat, didn't try the pork but did taste the chicken and the beef. Both meats were tender and flavorful but in the end the chicken was the winner as the beef was close but kind of chewy on the end. Chicken was perfect!

As for the guac, usually I'm used to flavorless mashed avocado that I'm not a fan of unless I make/tweak it myself (I've been known to tinker in restaurants!) , but this had enough limeyness and salt for me to approve! It's not as thick as I would like but the flavor is all there plus I think the 46 or 92 cents they charge for Guac is much more reasonable and what Guac should cost than Chipotle's $2.08.

I definitely plan on coming back for more soon! Truthfully living in NYC and Toronto previously I never had very many great Mexican cuisine options available, but I did have my mid-western friend for confirmation on the goods! She agreed that it was her favorite since moving to NYC.

Dos Toros Taqueria
137 4th Ave
(between 13th St & 14th St)

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