Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buy It Now: Chanel Particulière

If you are a nail polish fanatic, as myself, you're probably always looking at Chanel as one of the trend leaders in nail color. After the madness of last season's Jade, for Spring 2010, the color palatte has taken a neutral turn. Given that nude tones have been trending for a while, it's no surprise.

The color that has everyone talking is Particulière, a mushroom grey with purple undertones.
505 Particulière

Chanel also introduced 2 additional colors, Tendresse and Inattendu. Tendresse is a delicate pale pink rose shade.
507 Tendresse

Inattendu is a soft peachy nude tone.
503 Inattendu

It was set to be released in January but actually made an early appearance on Chanel.com and is available to purchase now at $23 a pop.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, OPI's Over the Taupe channels a very similar feeling to Particulière for less than half the price. For a Tendresse fix, OPI's Got a Date To-Knight could fill the void and for Inattendu, OPI's Tickle My France-y should do the trick.

Update: Chanel Particulière is sold out on the website but is currently in stock at Neiman Marcus.com

2nd Update (Jan 26, 2010): Chanel Particulière is sold out on Neiman Marcus but Inattendu and Tendresse are still available on Saks Fifth Avenue.com


Iole said...


Veronica Zhou said...

Chanel Particulière is now sold out on chanel.com. I love the color...any idea where else I can get it?

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

Hi Veronica,
Neiman Marcus has it in stock :)http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prodChanel.jhtml?productID=MANPR010&itemId=&parentId=&masterId=&cmCat=&icid=&ecid=NMSGBYChanel_Nail_Polish_NYC

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