Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shop Like an Editor at Lucky Mag

Earlier tonight Erin and I stopped by the famed 4 Times Square building where we met with some of the wonderful editors of Lucky Mag!

Lucky just launched a new shopping experience at where shoppers can browse and have the option to "buy it now". It features over 86,000 products from over 450 brands and 40 retailers, and Lucky fans will love it because new merchandise is curated daily by Lucky editors.

The Lucky Shopping homepage features hot items like classic red lipstick and ankle boots, but I think the most exciting things about the shopping experience are the cash back program for magazine subscribers and the search tool.

Sample sales are great for scoring bargains, but Lucky Shopping is really helpful when you're looking for a particular item like a gold pair of shoes you need for a wedding or fingerless gloves for fall. You can search and narrow down your results by price, store and brand, and the nice thing about Lucky Shopping is their database includes items at both the high and low end of the spectrum. For example, a search for "Tulip Skirts" yields both Alexander Wang and Old Navy, so you can decide whether you want The Look or The Look for Less.

It doesn't have everything yet and it's not too interactive, but the site promises to grow as the users increase.

And while we're talking about Lucky, be sure to watch for their flash sales. They are 24 hour "deals of the day" and pretty sweet. Just this past week they had 50% off a Vena Cava skirt and Sigerson Morrison booties!

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