Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Yigal Azrouël

Did a quick run by of the Yigal Azrouël Sample sale around noon today to find it moderately crowded but still managable. Men's side was an organized 5 racks of merch with a single male shopper, while the women's section with about 13 racks of merch (1 rack skirts, 1 1/2 Pants, 1/2 Shorts, 3 Evening, 1 Knits, 2 Dresses/Cocktail, 1 jackets + rest assorted merch) had women all over the place and getting down to their skivvies to try things on. There is no change room, only a big mirror.

I actually went to check out the Yigal x K-Swiss Collaboration Sneakers cause I thought a couple of the high tops were really cute. Unfortunately although they had shoes available for both men & women, but unfortunatley the shoes ran pretty big. Women's shoes are size 7 to 9 1/2 only while men's shoes are mostly size 10 to 11.

Accessories Prices are as follows:
Bags $200
Leather Clutches $100
Scarves $30
Cashmere Scarves $100
Jersey/Chiffon Scarves $80
Belts $50
Necklaces $50
Cuffs $25

There was a few tribal wrapped looking necklace pieces (chain but no clasp?) by the cash for $15. An other beaded knit bracelets? for $5. Random funny piece I found in the scarves? A silver pair of lace bootie shorts!

Some of my fave pieces incorporated 3-D texture like this awesome shrug and jersey dress!

Women's Price List:
Jersey Dresses $120
Day Dresses $180
Cocktail Dresses $220
Gowns $150
Skirts $90
Novelty Skirts $80
Pants $50
Jackets (tailored) $120
Leather Jackets $210
Coats $120
Blouses $80
T-Shirts $30
Shorts $50
Boleros $100
Cardigans/Knits $80
Shoes $50-100

Some of the pricing doesn't quite make sense to me, but the real bargains are the gowns for $150! Guess they aren't as practical and priced accordingly but significantly cheaper than buying a day dress or a cocktail dress. Also at $120 coats are a steal. Interestingly the novelty skirts are cheaper by $10 than the regular skirts.

Menswear section was quiet and consisted of rugged leather jackets, plaid shirts, pleated pants and cashmere sweaters.

Mens' Prices:
Pants $130
Shorts $65
Jackets (Tailored) $200
Leather $300
Vests $80
T-Shirts $40
Shirts $65
Knitwear $90
Shoes $75

All in all a great range of merch for reasonable prices, I would avoid the lunch rush if I were to go back. Also, remember this is not a ladies only sale but there is no changing area so dress accordingly with leggings & tank tops!

Who: Yigal Azrouël
What: Up to 70% Off Womenswear, menswear, YYigal items, and accessories. Tops $125 (was $430), dresses $235 (was $790), and knits $170 (was $575)/
When: November 18-19, 2009. Wed-Thurs 9am-7pm.
Where: 225 West 39th St (b/n 7th & 8th Ave) (212-302-1194)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report! Did you see a big range of sizes in women's clothing? Or was it limited?

Erin said...

Hi I believe there was a range of sizes mostly 2 to 8 for women. mostly a medium for men.

Ying said...

are the women's coats and leather jackets cute and worth going for?

Erin said...

sorry i missed getting back to you in time Ying! Email and Blog are all blocked at work :(

Women Leather Coats said...

nice post love reading it

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