Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Question of the Week: Finding Nice Jeans at a Nice Price

"I need some new jeans. Any suggestions on where I can get some for a reasonable price?"
- Veronica, New York

Since you live in New York, my first suggestion would be Uniqlo. They have a variety of cuts and washes for $49.90, and there's almost always a few pairs on sale for $30-$40. For more information on the fit and quality, check my Uniqlo denim review.

Another option and great classic is Levi's. They're really expanded over the past few years and have jeans at every price point - some as high as $158.00 and some as low as $19.90. They have a great selection (and sale currently) on their website and in-stores for $40 or less.

If you live in California or New York, sample sales are another great place to look for affordable jeans. For sample sale listings, sign up for mailing lists or just keep reading Sugar Rock Catwalk! Erin always does a great job of updating our sample sales listing.

For those living in other parts of the country, check out The Warehouse Sale. They hold huge sales, and their prices are reasonable. You will have to sign up for their mailing list and RSVP to attend their events. They will often offer VIP admission the day before the sale for $5 or $10, but personally, I think they usually have enough stock to just go when it's general admission.

And finally, I would recommend Gilt Groupe, which I feel like you're all familiar with by now. They're a great resource for online shopping, especially for designer and high-end denim. Yes, online shopping for jeans can be difficult, but if you know what you like it's awesome, which brings me to my next and final point.

A shopping tip for jeans, know your brands and size in each brand. That might seem like a no brainer, but if you know your brand and your size, then you can nab them when they're on sale! So the next time you're out shopping at a department store or what have you, try everything on and make a mental note of your favorite lines and styles.


Debie said...

I was at Filene's the other day and they had a ton of jeans on sale for an anniversary special-- Earnest Sewn, seven, paige for $50-70. I snagged a pair of J brand for $50! I think the sale is over now but their regular priced jeans are only about $70-90 which is still a good discount from what they normally go for.

veronica said...

i'm going to try and make it out to uniqlo soon, i am in dire need of new jeans. thanks for your help, lani!

Erica said...

I know it sounds too easy, but my favorite pair of skinny jeans were $19.99 at H&M. True story. They're easy to dress up or down. My boyf says they make my booty look "phenomenal" and a (female) coworker went so far as "magical."

Erin said...

my personal add is Barneys Co-op on sale :) I've always been able to find great jeans esp at the end of season for $80 or less.

and in case you didn't know Uniqlo also offers free hemming services!!!

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