Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stylish Chic Not for Beasts: Le Sang Des Bêtes

A couple weeks ago Lani and I had the chance to check out amazing clothing line Le Sang des Bêtes (which stands for Blood of the Beasts). This line is brought to us by Los Angeles based artist and designer, Trang Chau. Chau who's background includes film, architecture, sculture and costume design brings us quirky, playful and definitely sculptural designs. Her inspiration comes from Gothic and modern architecture and the films of David Cronenberg and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Lani and I got to try on a few pieces and were delighted at the whimsical nature, attention to detail and unusual use of fabric. Wish we could have tried on more but ran out of time that day :)

The outfit I'm wearing above is a soft jersey cowl back top that has sleeves that stand out thanks to the insertion of horsehair braid (not real horsehair ;)!) The bubble skirt is actually made of bright yellow burlap of all things with an elasticized waistband for comfort.

This denim dress that Lani tried had a super fun marbleized dyed effect that almost reminds me of lightening! Even though with it's stand away hem you would think it might be super stiff, it was actually very comfortable to wear.

Here are a few of our other faves! I loved this vest! I think it's a super cool wardrobe boosting piece that takes regular clothing to the next level.

I also thought that these high waisted shorts are so much fun! The oversized pocket flap add a subtle sculptural element while the pleating at the waist creates a built in cummerbund effect.
So simple but tres chic is this yellow blouse with the multple layered collars. I think it could be worn with anything from jeans to pencil skirts but it's a major style upgrade from a basic tee.

The line runs from between $100-400 (dresses being at the high end of the spectrum) please see for where to purchase.

*special thanks to David and Alison for patiently staying after hours so Lani and I could explore this line*


Carolyn said...

Great cuts and colors!!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love the first blouse...the cowl neck looks amazing...but horsehair...seriously?...haha

Erin said...

Hi Noble B don't worry it's not real horsehair, it is actually made from nylon maybe at one point back in the day they used real horsehair hence the strange name ;)

Anonymous said...

i need that vest!

dreamecho said...

great collection -- and you ladies look gorgeous in it!

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