Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uniqlo Denim Review

A few of you have asked me how I feel about Uniqlo jeans, so here are my thoughts:

Fit: The waist is pretty big and stretches a lot, which is kind of annoying for me because I have a bit of a booty, but since I got a skinny pair, the pants stay up since it's snug everywhere else (butt, leg, thighs).

And as I mentioned, I have more butt than the average girl, but these jeans actually flatten my butt, which could be good or bad. Good because I don't look big. Bad because I look like a boy.

The length of Uniqlo jeans is perfect because they offer free alterations! Note, mine shrank a bit in the wash even with air drying, so when getting them pinned I would give yourself a little extra length to accommodate for shrinkage.

Material: They're thicker than some of the designer denim I own like James or Rich & Skinny, which makes them slightly less comfortable, but they've held their shape pretty well between washes.

Fly: The zipper is smooth, but I sometimes wish the fly was a little softer so it wouldn't look so flat and stiff.

Color/Wash: I'm not a fan of their lighter or whisker-washed jeans, but their solid dark denim is nice. Side note, I love their colored jeans, but the material and fit of those are different from their denim!

Sizing: True to size (size 4 = approx 26" waist), but if you get the colored jeans, you might have the size down because those stretch a lot and you're not alone if you fine their colored jeans to be less flattering.

Price: Retaling at $49.90 and occasionally going on sale for $30-$40, they can be a good deal if they fit you right.

Overall, they're not for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to stop in Uniqlo, I would recommend their jeans if you're looking for a basic, affordable pair of denim.

An old Uniqlo denim commercial from 2007.


Anonymous said...

love this blog!

how long do alterations at Uniqlo take?

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

same day! but if you come later in the evening, they'll be ready the next morning.

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