Monday, October 12, 2009

Now Wearing...

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers! I've been home for the weekend and trying to enjoy all the beauty and nature that's available to me :) I went hiking with friends and since I'm not used to the cooler weather yet, I had to find whatever layers of random clothing/hiking items that I could in my parent's house. Not the most amazing outfit, but I had a fun day! Special thanks to my friend Eric for the amazing photos!
My friends teased me saying only I would own pink platform hiking boots ;)

Splatter Jeans - Killah
Pink Hiking Boots - Cherokee (I think I bought them at a sample sale once upon a time for $5)
Plaid Scarf - Newman
Zip Vest - Lacoste
Tank Top - Moon Stars Sun
Zip Track Jacket - Y3
Cord & Faux Fur Trim Jacket - My grandmother bought it for me a couple years ago

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