Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now Eating: Luke's Lobster

Lately all I hear has been buzz about Luke's Lobster the tiny Lobster Roll Resto that opened between the 2 Carachas at the beggining of the month. So I went last weekend and noticed a healthy line already formed at 12:30 but it moved fairly quickly. The staff is fairly efficient but not overly friendly.
Inside the decor is kitchy and seating is no nonsense, barebones stools with sparse wooden planks for tables. Maybe room for 8 to sit? Most people ordered their lunch to go so I didn't have a problem getting a seat.

I decided to go for the lunch special, Lobster Box, which was the popular choice at $18. It includes a soda chips, lobster roll and Empress crab claw. Apparently this is very well priced and half the price of other Lobster Rolls in the city thanks to the owner's family connection (his father own's a seafood manufacturing plant).
To be honest, I've never had a lobster roll before so I have nothing to compare it to. In fact before moving to NYC I had never heard of a lobster roll before in my life! Here's my rookie perspective.
The bread is thin and buttered and slightly toasted. It's like someone took a hotdog bun, skinned it and toasted it in a bit of butter. Inside, there was plenty of chunks of lobster meat that was super fresh tasting and lightly seasoned with salt and oregano. I was hoping the filling would be warm, but it was refrigerator cold. It is served with a light dab of mayo that was sort of globbed mostly on the bottom.
My crab claw was good but smaller than I expected and unfortunately also cold and pre-cooked.
I enjoyed my lunch and it filled me up. It is good in it's simplicity but it wasn't packed full of flavor like most of the food that I appreciate. It was something I've always wanted to try but I don't think I'll likely go back unless I have a major seafood craving (perhaps a once a year sort of deal?)
Luke's Lobster, 93 E 7th St at 1st Ave, (212) 387-8487


shana said...

i know this is mostly a fashion blog, but more food please. i know your discerning taste buds. i would love to see more food reviews!

Jessica said...

You should have gone to Caracas Arepas bar next door!

Erin said...

Thanks Shana, I'll try :) stuff for you to look forward to if you visit!!!

Jessica, I love Carachas too! I go there all the time but just wanted to change things up a bit!

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