Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now Wearing...

Striped jacket - Rampage (gem from high school)
Military embroidered tunic - Torn by Ronny Kobo (score from The Savvy sample sale)
Light acid wash jeans - Lux, Urban Outfitters
White canvas oxford flats - Marais USA
Lion's head ring - no name

I feel like cleaning out my closet is a never-ending battle. I just want to have less; I don't like feeling excessive. I've managed to cut down to just the pieces I wear, but I feel like I wear everything... so that doesn't say much.

So despite my efforts to cut down, I bought this tunic from Ronny Kobo yesterday from The Saavy sample sale. I've always had a soft spot for anything military or band-inspired - like this jacket from high school. There's little detailing that reminds me of band jackets like the sleeves and the collar, which you can't really see because I scrunched and folded.

My latest obsession, besides paring down my closet, is this lion's head ring. Obsessed I tell you! I spotted it on my friend and co-worker Christine awhile back. She was kind enough to take me to her semi-secret costume jewelry spot last week, and I've been wearing it everyday since.

Photography by Christine Lee


Giang said...

military-inspired? i guess i can see it. i totally see a skeleton, haha. guess that's just me :P

Lani said...

the dress version of this tunic is on shopbop, and the name is "Adi Military". nonetheless, i see a skeleton too! which is another reason why i like it. ;)

Karafina said...

what a freaking cool tunic. i thought it was a skeleton too! loves it.

lixung said...

workin that striped jacket!

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