Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Evening Lower East Siders: My Gossip Girl B-day

Last week I celebrated my birthday and being that it was my 3rd in NYC I wanted to make it special. As you all can pretty much tell, I love any excuse to dress up! I watched the Korean movie My Sassy Girl a few years ago that gave me the inspiration for my party. I've always wanted to dress up like a school girl and go dancing. So to modernize and Americanize the concept I went with a Gossip Girl theme.

After much searching, I had my birthday at Le Lupanar in the LES. The venue had plenty of seating, easy door policy, room to dance and a very luxe, chill vibe. What can I say? I'm a sucker for those black chandeliers! The manager, Kieter, is a complete darling! He even concocted a special drink menu inspired by the characters of Gossip Girl just for my party and extended Happy Hour! My fave by far was definitely the Chuck Bass-tard...seriously addictive and dangerous, maybe a bit too much like Chuck ;)

Erin as Blair:
Button Up Ruffle Blouse - Proenza Schouler for Target
Plaid Skirt - French Toast
Cross Snap Tie - French Toast
Argyle Socks - J.Crew
Plaid Headband - H&M
Patent Loafers - Cole Haan

Lani as Nelly Yuki:
Polo Tee Dress - Anna Sui
Glasses - Alain Milki
Leather Belt with Chain - Vintage
Flower Headband - Forever 21

Unfortunately I broke my camera a couple days before so I had to rely on the photo skills of friends! Here are just a few photo's from friends that posted first. Doesn't everyone look adorbs?



Nubiasnonsense said...

OMG how incredibly fun does that look!! I'm so jealous lol happy belated b day!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! looks like fun!!!

Kim said...

Best party I've been to all year!

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