Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaway: dirtystory Peacock Cuff

We're giving away a peacock cuff from dirtystory. You might recall seeing a similar cuff in a few Style Diary posts.

dirtystory is a project by former-microbiologist, Michelle. She started experimenting with materials after paying way too much for a pair of earrings that she later realized were decorated with rub-on transfers.

Michelle starts her process by imaging what would look good on a wrist, then designs in Photoshop. She uses an image transfer technique and coats each piece several times with crystal clear, waterproof, glass-like lacquer. It really works! My arm and cuff have yet to turn green, even though the rain.
Thank you to Michelle for making this giveaway possible! I really love my cuff, so I'm really excited to be give one away to a Sugar Rock Catwalk reader.

For a chance to win, leave a comment with your favorite item from dirtystory's store, name and email address - spell out the dot com so your spam robot doesn't pick up your address. Contest is open to US and Canada residents and ends Thursday, 10/01/09.


Nava said...

I loved the cuffs.
My favorite one is the Sterling Indigo Peacock Cuff.

Nava Noori
divagl13@aol dot com

Anonymous said...

It is so NOT FAIR to make me choose one. Love the classic peacock, but Ginko and Tsunami are pretty epic as well.

Lisa J
lajenkins at gee mail dot com

Cool contest, ladies!

Jessica said...

Def the Dusk. It would go with my entire wardrobe!

missjessiej @ gmail dot com

Shelly said...

It's definitely hard to choose a favourite... It's a tie between Classic peacock and Art Deco!


Shelly said...


Giang said...

oo i like the royal damask

tgiangle @ gmail dot com

Helen said...

Hm, love the color of the peacock but would have to say the Red Peony Cuff would be my fav or the Art Deco...ugh so many awesome choices!

Helen H
helenhsu23 @ gmail dot com

B said...

i like the Peacock one but also adore the Wing Cuff and Snowdrift. I would love to own one.

jennine said...

i was torn between the wing and the peacock, but you have the good taste, and i agree... peacock
so pretty!

tiptup said...

Art deco!

tiptup9 @ gmail dot com

pattie said...

I love the Ginko cuff. It'a amazing as well as the Peacock one.

justbypattie@gmail dot com

klee4vp said...

yum! this one takes the cake for me - such hallucinatory colors :). you guys know me... k l e e 4 v p [at] gmail [dot] com

Kat said...

Interesting process. I'm glad there's some chunky jewelry out there that won't make me green!
My fave is Tsunami. It looks like a cool tattoo.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I read your blog on a daily basis and these cuffs are awesome! :D

I'd say my favorite is the Gold Plated Tsunami Cuff! I love the design on this one..

stephanie dot kimssy at gmail dot com

Vania said...

Oh gosh, the cuffs are all adorable! If I don't win I think I'll buy my favorite...

Classic Peacock Cuff

vaniamyers@gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

love the classic peacock cuff!

claudia [dot] cheung [at] gmail [dot] com

cat said...

I'd buy a cuff even if I didn't win! I like the slim bloodstone peacock one!

Catherine Wu
cwu1126@gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Gold plated zebra, for sure

Cindy G
cindygao08 at gmail

Anonymous said...

love the snowdrift for sure!


kathyiscool@gmail dot com

vicki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vicki said...

fav: sterling snakeskin cuff!
Vicki V.
Vickvu at g mail dot com!

amber said...

My favorite is the Snowdrift Cuff, it is beautiful.

Amber L
amber_gwynne at hotmail dot com

jumi said...

Definitely the sterling snakeskin. Sassy!

Jumi dot cha at gmail dot com

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