Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Preview: Kenneth Cole Silver Edition 925

What do shoes that are 4 years in the making look like? I was completely intrigued when I heard that Kenneth Cole would be launching a line of shoes called "Silver Edition 925" that have been in development for 4 years to ensure ultimate comfort. The tagline for these shoes? "Warning Women: No One Will Ever Satisfy You Like This Again (Below The Ankles)." A pretty big assertation that has caused over 1500 pairs to be pre-sold already according to FashionWeekDaily. I certainly hope these shoes can deliver because every time I have bought a shoe that I believed would become my everyday comfortable shoes, I've been greeted by great pain. But seeing as they are the makers of Lani recommended gentle souls by Kenneth Cole, I feel like they could live up to their promises.

What is 925 technology?
*memory foam sole
*a flaxseed pillow to support the arches
*a flexible rubber sole
*sheepskin lining for comfort and breathability.

The shoes will launch on Friday August 7, 2009 at 9:25 am in the Rockerfeller Center store. Prices range from $135 for flats to $195 for the booties.

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