Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alexander McQueen Sale Update

I know it’s McQueen, but a sale that doesn’t open on time is a bit ridiculous. They were still working out bugs but by 9:27 am they finally took in the first round of customers.

The sale was really calm and quiet. Updates to yesterday?

$100 jeans for men and women.
$400 for oversize bags and there looked to be
$50-60 for scarves, either striped skull or rainbow cotton print with some skulls
$160 for kaleidoscopic printed leggings
$55-100 screen tee
$80 sunglasses

Really was hoping to invest in some amazing statement heels. There were plenty in bright pink or lime satin with Swarovski crystals studding the heels…but alas no size 35 shoes, but some 35 ½ to 41. Majority were in the sizes were 37-40

One style was marked down to $150 while I was there.

At least cashing out was smooth unlike yesterday’s apparent 2 hr long fiascos!


issa said...

so jealous.

Dream Sequins said...

Yeah. You are very lucky! I wish I had snagged a bag and some size 37s!

Erin said...

needn't be jealous in the end i only picked up a tie for my friend! i'm still McQueenless for now! Amazing heels didn't fit my insanely small feet so they don't live in my closet!

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