Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Sunner

The Sunner Sample Sale was small and bustling when I stopped by at 6:45 last night with only 6 racks, 2 boxes and 1 table full of merch. The prices are higher than last round but the quality of merch has also approved significantly. Pieces looked much more finished and although there were a few thin lining like silks, there was also a nicer heavier weight pebbled silk on hand and silk charmeuse. Still not in love with the cotton quality.

Prices as Listed:
Long Silk Dresses $65
Long Cotton Dresses $50
Silk Dresses - $60
Cotton Dresses $45
Long Jumpers $65
Short Jumpers $60
Silk Tops $40
Silk Cami's $3o
Cotton Tops/Tunics $30
Sunner Shirt $25
Knits/Sweaters $30
Shorts/Pants $20

The bargain of the sale is the 25 silk dresses in a box, but it was only one short sleeved ruffly style in limited jewel tones.

The other box contained one style of fine gauge cap sleeve wrap sweaters for 30, in Khaki/taupe and black.

The table held fine gauge short sleeve and sweater vests in taupe, deep turq, black and navy.

Some maxi dresses were available in purple hibiscus print silk flutter sleeve or green and purple cotton strapless. Some purple pebble silk tunic/dresses with bronze studs had the Nordstrom ticket still on them marked $334...Perhaps as retailers cut back orders were cut too?

My fave style, pictured left, came in silk, satin and cotton was a ruffle neck halter in both top and short dress form.

Sizes appeared to run small (2-6) for most part and there is no changing area but 1 full length mirror. Worth a stop by if you are in the area or a Sunner fan. Don't go out of your way unless they slash prices further tomorrow.

Who: Sunner
What: Sample sale featuring cotton & silk dresses, cami's and sweaters
Where: 265 West 37th Street, 9th Fl., NYC
When: July 28-29, 2009. 8:30am-7pm

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