Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now Wearing...

The romper was one of my first vintage finds ever. It’s a 1980s piece I found almost four years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. The backpack is from the 90s courtesy of my mom’s closet. I found it when I visited home, used it for a 90’s party and couldn’t part with it, so I brought it back to New York.

I'm entering Topshop's bicycle contest. I don’t have a bike yet, so I had to borrow my friend Steven’s bike for this photo. I felt like such a fake. I would love to win one from Topshop, so I could have a bike to call my own!

In putting together this outfit, I went for fun and practical. I hope the judges at Topshop and Chictopia are into it.

Teal blue romper - vintage
Navy woven belt - secondhand
Brown backpack - secondhand, mom's closet
Brown woven flats - Jeffrey Campbell
White fingerless gloves - Urban Outfitters
Yellow bangle - Forever 21
Black bonjour necklace - Alex & Chloe


Erica said...

Always love the romper. And I've been looking for fingerless gloves, but the ones I've seen have been priccccey.

Good luck, lady!

Lani said...

ditto on the gloves! i got mine a few years ago after watching them and waiting for them to go on sale. white fingerless gloves are not practical, so i wasn't willing to pay retail.

Kelsey said...

OMG I totally hope you win the Top Shop bike contest! That is such a bright and fun pic and makes me want to go biking.

Monique said...

YOU HAVE TO ENTER THIS PHOTO. i love everything about it!

Kacia said...

I LOVE this photo! Props to both the person who took it, and you for the super fun/cute outfit.

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